Stone Horn Ridge

Project Partners


CIRI and Laurus Energy formed Stone Horn Ridge LLC to develop syngas from underground coal gasification (UCG) for power generation, ultra-clean liquid fuels and other industrial applications. The production site will be on resource-rich CIRI-owned land on the west side of Cook Inlet in Southcentral Alaska. Stone Horn Ridge will provide an alternative to natural gas, bringing price stability, clean reliable power and increased business competition to meet Southcentral Alaska’s energy needs.

About Laurus Energy

Laurus Energy is a Houston-based UCG developer and the sole North American licensee of Ergo Exergy's proprietary Exergy UCG™ technology, the only commercially proven underground coal gasification process used today for recovering energy from unmineable coal. Laurus Energy has offices in Montreal; Edmonton, AB; and Sheridan, Wyo.

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About CIRI

CIRI is an Alaska Native corporation and one of the 12 Alaska-based regional corporations established by the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act of 1971 to benefit Alaska Natives who had ties to the Cook Inlet region. The company is owned by more than 7,400 Alaska Native shareholders of Athabascan and Southeast Indian, Inupiat, Yup'ik, Alutiiq and Aleut descent. It is based in Anchorage and has a well diversified investment portfolio that includes traditional and alternative energy, real estate, tourism, environmental remediation, wireless communications, aerospace defense, private equity and venture capital investments. CIRI is Southcentral Alaska’s largest private landowner and has 1.3 million acres of subsurface estate available for responsible gas, oil and mineral development.

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